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Zendesk Sell is sales CRM software that helps you win more deals.

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Everything you need to win, minus the busy work

Make calls, send emails, schedule meetings, and view deal history all from one place—without logging everything by hand. When it comes time to close deals, you can do it anywhere, because Sell gives you the power of a desktop sales tool in the palm of your hand—even when you're offline.

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What is Zendesk Sell?

Legacy sales management tools are often clunky and difficult to use, but Zendesk Sell is simple and designed to keep reps selling.
Sell for sales reps

All-in-one tool for actually engaging with customers, not just logging activity and updating opportunities.

Sell for sales leaders

Better adoption means greater visibility, more informed decisions, and more efficient operations.

Sell for IT and Ops

Secure, reliable out-of-the-box functionality, fast implementation and ROI, and easy integration.

I spent a lot of time searching for the right solution for my business, and Sell was the obvious choice.

Vinny Troia
Night Lion Security

Sell tackled a very tough customization and implementation and the results are stunning.

Tyson Peschke
Blue Raven Solar

With Sell, we have all of the information we need to follow up and close the sale.

J. Mac Brown
Advent Results

Sell helps us decide where to invest our time in the most productive way.

Julio Manzano
Impulsora Diesel

Connect with the tools you love

Sell integrates with your existing technology stack and has a robust API for unlimited extendability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's on your mind?
Where can I get a trial of Sell?

If you haven't started your 14 day free trial, you can get started by clicking here.

Does Sell integrate with Zendesk Support?

Absolutely - Sell is deeply integrated with Zendesk Support allowing support agents to see everything happening in sales and vice versa. When the Sell app is added to Support, agents are able to flag sales related support tickets which creates new leads for the sales team.

How much does Sell cost?

Plans for Sell start at $19 /user/month and extend up to $199/user/month. See the complete pricing breakdown here.

What features does the trial include?

The 14-day evaluation trial includes all Sell features. When you're ready to activate your account, you'll have the option to select which plan you want to use. View a feature by plan comparison here.

I have other questions!

Lets talk! Feel free to contact us for more information or visit our support center. We’re here to help.

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